Saturday, October 16, 2010

13 - The Tragedy of Bushius Caesar Act 4 Scene 2

          Drum. Enter Cheneyus, Scooterus, advisers, guards and army

Cheneyus:         Stand ho!                                  

Chief guard:                    Pass out the word. Now ho and stand!

Cheneyus:         What now? Where’s Rummie? Is he close at hand?

Scooterus:         He is indeed, and soon will be with us
                         Although he now seems less punctilious.

Cheneyus:         How did he greet you? Let me be resolved
                         That constancy stays firm and undissolved.

Scooterus:         With courtesy and with respect enough
                         But lacking in the former warmer stuff
                         As he hath used of old. 

Cheneyus:                                           Thou dost describe
                         A hot friend cooling. Ever note the vibe
                         When love begins to sicken and to shake
                         And causes flashes hot, night sweats, headache? 
                                 Alarums, excursions. Enter sponsor 2

Sponsor 2:         No need to suffer for that women’s cause!
                          Use Prempro now to douse thy menopause!
                                                        Exit sponsor 2

Vox populi:         For our fair land ‘tis not the poxing menopause
                           I fear, but worst and worstest with these sons of whores.

Will S.:                My fine superlatives doubled hold they to mockery?
Writing C.:          Nay, imitation’s mostest finest form of flattery.   

                                                            Enter Rummeus and his powers

Cheneyus:           He is arrived.

Rummeus:                                   I must be, since I‘m here;
                          For that no need for future-seeing seer.
                          Most noble brother, you have done me wrong.

Cheneyus:          My mouth is twisted, yet straight is my song.
                          How wrong thee did I?

                             Alarums, excursions, sennet. Enter Caesar

Caesar:                                                 Ha, ‘tis me, I’m back!
                          With truth misspoken, with your plots so black
                          You thought to oust me, to eliminate
                           Me, but you did misunderestimate
                           My cunning wiles.

Will S.:                                           'Sblood! What does he here
                           Thus swaggering and smirking? Fully clear
                            Is it that he is gone, that he is toast,
                            Ne'er more to foul this stage, but as a ghost
                            Returning in scene three, not here. Yet now,
                            Full-bodied, flesh and blood, he takes a bow?
                            Our cast's possessed, zounds. I can take no more
                                                              Will faints

Writing C.:          Sweet Will, come to! I can the play restore.
                           My plan! Remember? Grammar-Meister, quick!
                           And you, Wordsmith, avaunt! Go do your trick.
                           Into the fray, move smart now, firmly push
                           From stage yond poxing effing Frankenbush.
                                     Ruckus, screams, shouts. Exit Caesar, limping

Will S.:                Ah me! I had the vapours! 

Rummeus:                                                      Did you see
                           What I just saw?

Cheneyus:                                    It could not now be he;
                           He’s toast.

Rummeus:                            Perchance we do hallucinate,
                           Illusions coming from something we ate.

Cheneyus:           That’s it! That gave me quite a turn. The wine
                           Hath blame; that vintage was like turpentine.

Rummeus:           It was just vapours. Of my grievance now
                           Let’s talk!

Cheneyus:                           Not here! Within my tent powwow!
                                Exeunt omnes, dirty dancing, but for Cheneyus and Rummeus      

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